The Real Risks Which Give Any Victories Their Meaning

Engineering the Space Technologies of the Future


The company’s core mission is Research and Development (R&D) of experimental aerospace technologies. Since the R&D is a decades-long process, these efforts need to be financed by revenue generating profit centers (PCs). Each PC is a conventional enterprise serving today’s market. When the PCs create excess revenue from operations, those […]

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The private market for experimental aerospace technology is limited.  Current demand for theoretical engineering capabilities acts as a constraint on long-term investment.  Lowtan is working to build present-day conventional enterprises with the goal of generating excess revenue that will be used to finance aerospace research.  As these ancillary enterprises gain […]

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We cannot succeed without your continued interest.  There are many options to connect with Lowtan including subscribing to our email list for notifications and following our company on social media.  Connecting through these channels allows us to keep you updated about our aerospace-related activities and the space world in general. […]

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